Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talks

Anna Zyvagintseva; order of things 2015

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KKVG 2017 Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talks 2017

USA, Turkey, Brexit, Nationalism, Provenance, Art Fairs worldwide ...

Key issues being discussed by dealers, galerists and other art related people. New business models coming from internet and privat inititives have an impact on art trade. Has the old gallery a chance of survival? Nationalism endangers the peacful cohabition and by the way exhibition projects. Do artworks need immunity of seizure?

For all these subjects insurers don't have common rules.

Discussion will be with Birgit Rolfes, Mannheimer Insurance; Kai Kuklinski, AXA ART Insurance; Kilian Jay von Seldeneck, Lempertz KG; Nadine von Oberste-Hetbleck, Cologne University; Daniel Hug, Art Cologne.

Discussion in German only - we are sorry about this.

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KKVG 2017 Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talks 2017

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