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Jim Harris, A Dutch Landscape, Diptychon, Oil on canvas, 2015
Jim Harris, A Dutch Landscape, Diptychon, Oil on canvas, 2015
Dr. Stephan Zilkens

We make sure that your art is safe everywhere.

A warm welcome to Zilkens Fine Art Insurance Broker GmbH, your specialised insurance broker who finds answers to your art-related insurance questions.

Insurance products are complex. Being well-insured is therefore no easy task. There are numerous types of art insurance on offer, but which is the right one for your project?

It is often the case that the quality of insurance policies does not become evident until a claim arises. That is why, together with our customers, we prepare an individual insurance concept that is adapted sensitively to the respective customer’s project and describe to you the features of some of our individual insurance products.

Two characteristics define our brand essence. One is our love of art and the other is our customers’ absolute satisfaction. Only the consonance of these two factors makes us successful. Learn more about us

Dr. phil. Stephan Zilkens

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The things that can happen, even if you are of good will.

Kobel's Art Weekly

Stefan Kobel

Annotated press review on the art market by Stefan Kobel, published weekly. Subscribe for free

Carmine Palladino Palladino, Russian Pocket; free via
Carmine Palladino Palladino, Russian Pocket; free via

Kobels Kunstwoche 33 2022

Paris+ par Art Basel does not do things by halves when it comes to the successor to Fiac, reports Olga Grimm-Weissert in the Handelsblatt: "Paris Plus will not only take place in the Grand Palais Ephémère from October 20 to 23, but will also take over all the additional venues of Fiac for further sales offers: With large sculptures in ... read more

Robert Montgomery, Quellpark Public Space, Bad Gastein; photo Stefan kobel
Robert Montgomery, Quellpark Public Space, Bad Gastein; photo Stefan kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 32 2022

Even without a Western boycott, Russia's cultural scene is on its knees, Kerstin Holm found out for the FAZ of August 1: "We asked the curator of modern art Andrei Yerofeyev, an avowed oppositionist, in Moscow. The cultural scene has practically united against Putin and the Ukrainian war, says Jerofejew, the brother of the writer Viktor Jerofejew, who emigrated to Germany, on the phone. Among ... read more

Summer review III/III; photo Stefan Kobel
Summer review III/III; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 31 2022

Is it still growing pains or are the digital purchase receipts called NFT already shrinking to normal size? In the third and final part of the seasonal review, there are signs of both.The dominant theme of 2021 has been NFTs, whose market is nearly half the size of the art market, but which intersects with it only slightly. Dan Milmo explains in the read more

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We ensure that your art is optimally insured. We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible advice, neutrally and with a high level of expertise.
We ensure that your art is optimally insured.

Zilkens' News Blog

Dr. Stephan Zilkens

Dr. Stephan Zilkens comments weekly on current events concerning art. Subscribe for free

Zilkens‘ Newsblog 33 2022

Many thanks to all who responded positively last week to our appeal for help with the Worth Fighting for exhibition. Even though the rooms are available free of charge, there are considerable costs involved in such a large-scale project. The rooms are not museum-like in design, so it takes some effort to make them suitable to host an exhibition. Artists will create new works for ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 32 2022

Somehow it has been summer break - chaos reports from airports overshadowed the equally reassuring news from eastern Ukraine. According to Poland, Germany is trying to achieve maximum embarrassment - the ring exchange seems to be lacking and somehow one cannot get rid of the feeling that there is quite a discrepancy between the speeches of the German chancellor and the actions of those following ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 31 2022

If you want to know what was written about NFTs in the first six months 2022, you can read it at Kobel.How other business models can be developed with NFTs is shown by the American lawyers of Scott and Scott, who are desperately looking for investors blinded by celebrities who have invested in the bored monkeys and hoped to become even richer immediately. The accusation ... read more

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