Freight Forwarders

When art is set in motion

Art wants to be moved – art shipping specialists need optimum insurance cover too.

Setting or keeping art in motion is an art form in itself. Although the transportation of art is no longer as big a problem as it used to be, it can still become one in no time at all. As long as it’s occupying its regular place, all is well with the world, but any change of location requires the greatest care as well as safeguards.

As freight forwarders, you organise the transportation of works of art around the world. Be it over land, water or in the air, you know the right partners with whom this difficult task can be mastered. You also know only too well what kind of values you have been entrusted with. And as your experience grows, there are limits to the extent that you can claim to know nothing about it when loss or damage occurs. The legal sphere is increasingly trying to blame the forwarders for what they regard as gross organisational fault. The normal limitations on liability are no longer effective, but freight forwarders’ liability insurance, in the hands of the right expert with the right insured sum, protects you, the existence of your company and your employees’ jobs. 

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