Service Providers

What would art be without its service providers?

Lots of service providers contribute to the success of art.

If you require insurance cover as a restorer, an employee in a framing studio or a builder of display cabinets, we’ll offer you made-to-measure individual solutions.

Art financiers are playing an ever-larger role in the workings of the art market – but finance is no good without insurance! Talk to us about it!

Security plays an important part in the conservation and protection of value – and we’ll make sure that you can concentrate on your core business.


Ensuring that value is preserved

Fortunately, restorers are in action not only when a work of art has been damaged. Conservational measures for preserving our cultural heritage are the main focus of their work.

Restorers are liable not only for the assignments that they take on, but also for the valuable artefacts that they have to take into their workshops temporarily.

We have the right insurance solutions for all restorers, collectors and institutions for whom art is a pleasure.

Art financing

Safety means satisfaction

We are well connected with leading art financiers who help to make sure that collections can develop with the level of quality they deserve.

Financiers attach importance to safety and the preservation of the works financed by you. We have the right solutions for every individual project.


Safety First

Safety is important for our clients. We know the companies that have the requisite experience and reliability and install and maintain the security systems.

For those companies, too, we have just the kind of insurance concepts that they need. Mistakes can happen wherever people are going about their business. But they should not be allowed to impair the companies’ economic substance.

Talk to us about it!

Display-cabinet construction

Putting art in its proper light

Objects that consist of small, fragmented parts or have a high and easily marketable value are presented in display cabinets in order to protect them. 

Display-cabinet constructors are totally reliant on materials provided by their suppliers. If, despite copious care and attention, something doesn’t quite fit, the consequences can be very conspicuous indeed. We can at least provide you with the right liability insurance.

We offer you solutions.