Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talks

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KKVG 2014

2014 3rd Fine Art Insurance Talks 

The next Cologne art insurance conversation held on 10 
April in "Blauer Salon" of the Art Cologne 2014.

Topic: Faked Art - Properly insured

Moderator: Stefan Kobel

Third Cologne art insurance conversation

10.4. 2014 - 10.00 - 13.30 Hours- Blauer Salon - Köln Messe

Topic: Incorrect Art - Properly insured


2012/2013 are years of public insecurity in the art trade . In New York, including the prestigious gallery Knoedler obviously over the years faked works of art were sold as genuine . In Germany it is reported in detail about the case Beltracchi . Leading auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's  but also more locally operating as Lempertz have works by Max Ernst , Campendonck and Pechstein auctioned , despite all the expert opinions were not derived to be the works of these artists. Werner Spies - renowned expert , to whom we owe great exhibitions - was wrong several times in the definition of works by Max Ernst. The fees for the error seem linked to the increase in value for the result of the expertise. The Van Gogh Museum wrote 30 years ago, a painting by the Master as not genuine and 2013 comes from the same institution with the same painting for the opposite view - it's an original again !

2013 was one of the best years for the global art market . Auction records were broken and the private trade was recorded on and next to the big art fairs great success . The low interest rates shift the interests of investors in a sector whose valuation is less transparent and significantly higher margins promises than any other commodity. Art is forged for centuries, or copied and in some cultures is the proof longer than the original.

Against this background also result for the insurance industry, a plethora of issues surrounding the evaluation of art , the importance of provenance , the power of experts and the impotence of the "House of 1,000 jobs" (insurance industry ) .

What about the expertise of the industry? Where the issue of an insurance policy via a high value, a guarantee to a buyer that it is a genuine work and will insurers even pay if it turns out in retrospect , it was at best a copy and not a fake ? What insurers need to know to assess a risk? How safe is the use of experts? We want these and many other questions in the pursued in the context of the 3rd  Cologne art insurance conversation led by Stefan Kobel .

Round - the market and its participants - what makes collectors safe in terms of the authenticity of the works they wish to acquire . How can trade fairs help to protect themselves from mistakes . Who is liable to what extent, for what?

Round - The insurance industry - how it is for dealing with art and international markets set up ? How far does their expertise go? What damage scenarios are conceivable? Is an agreed value insurance really a gurantee for the value? Are there new products that gives added security ? What is meant by Title Insurance ?

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