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Insurance products are complex. Being well-insured is therefore no easy task. There are numerous types of art insurance on offer, but which is the right one for your project?

It is often the case that the quality of insurance policies does not become evident until a claim arises. That is why, together with our customers, we prepare an individual insurance concept that is adapted sensitively to the respective customer’s project.

It is our pleasure to describe to you the features of some of our individual insurance products.

Extension - Ideas about Art and Insurance from a cutural historical perspective

Transport Insurance

We focus particular attention on transport insurance arrangements. Why? Because that is the most sensitive aspect for an artwork that is scheduled to go on a journey.

Transport insurance, which is usually offered as all-risks insurance, protects the owner of the insured work from any economic consequences of loss and/or damage sustained in transit.

But not only in transit: during storage assets of this kind are given special insurance cover.

Third party liability insurances

When art and aesthetics are at stake, hardly anyone spares a thought for subjects such as liability or insurance. Nonetheless, people who are involved with artistic and cultural artefacts in a professional capacity should be aware of the potential risks associated with their activities and well informed about the possibilities of insuring their objects.

Whether you are an art expert, art historian, registrar, curator or restorer, we offer you individual solutions for personal or professional insurance to fend off third-party claims.

Classic Cars and Oldtimer

Oldtimer, Youngtimer and Classic Cars are collected and driven with passion. Their market value has an extreme potential.
They do not want to stay in the garage for the rest of their lifetime but love to be driven in the countryside.
A classic motor hull insurance is not sufficient to cover the specific needs for classic cars.

We find the right insurance cover to protect our clients wealth.

Our insurance solutions are individually tailored to your needs. Have a try with us.